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Today my mother had jury duty.  The justice center, where one reports for jury duty, is two blocks away from Reading Terminal (huge market area with lots of awesome food), and so I said she should go to lunch there.  She says--I am not kidding--"I'm not going out for lunch, I'll get lost."  It was not a joke.  She also was saying she was not going to take her water pill or bring a water bottle, because she was afraid she'd get lost on her way to the bathroom--again, not kidding.

We all have things we are scared of, and I'm not one of those who thinks you have some personal obligation to do things that scare you--I usually think that's a very personal decision.  But her willingness to accept such an extreme degree of helplessness is terribly frustrating.  She's 62 years old and though she feels she occasionally has memory lapses she has exhibited no signs of dementia or any other condition that would make her fear well-founded.  I truly feel that if she were to get lost, it could be ONLY because she is convinced she will.

Maybe it's not my place to judge.  But damn, it was hard not to just say "Fine, starve.  And pee your pants."

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Dear "Avengers" fanfic writers:

Hulk did indeed refer to Loki as "puny." This should not, however, be taken to mean that he does not also know much more common words like "small," "little," "tiny," etc. Please have him use them occasionally.

Thank you.


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Sure, Gwynnie...

According to Gwyneth Paltrow, Tony and Pepper haven't had sex yet.  The implication, when this was mentioned on TV Tropes, is that it's a sign of just how much Tony loves her.

Mm-hm.  I think we know what's really going on there, right?
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Sorry for the delay (there was a JW at the door)

It's been, what, 3 years since I've been here? Here's the update, with free mood whiplash:

  • Based on DreamWidth now, x-posting to LJ.
  • Still single, but now resigned to being foreveralone--I still have that scientist-y reluctance to speak in absolutes, but at this point my feelings on the matter are pretty similar to my feelings about the idea of a god.  Still haven't gotten laid (6.5 years now).  I realize, BTW, that my failure in these areas are almost all my own fault.
  • Because, apparently, my first midlife crisis wasn't crushing enough, I'm having another one.  It suuuuuuucks.
  • Less into atheism as a "thing."  My feelings on the overall existence issue are the same, and I still think dogmatic religion is dangerous, but the organized community doesn't have the same pull at it used to.  Though I grant perhaps I'm not being exposed to the right people.
  • Still working at the library, though my job has mutated.  Even in a good job market, I tend toward inertia. 
  • I'm learning to drive.  Hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife, 'cause I STILL cannot make a half-decent turn for love or money.
  • Meds are holding steady.  My psychiatrist is a PITA sometimes, but I wouldn't trade him for anything.
  • My family and friends are all alive.  I still miss Greg Giraldo, though.
  • I am still trying to write fanfic, and am still terrible.  I may eventually just dump all my acutally-pretty-good bits'n'pieces in the laps of other authors, and perhaps they can make them do things.
  • Pretty Avenger (movie) crazy right now.  My slashy feels are all Bruce/Tony--right now they have supplanted Jack and Daniel and I still am stunned that was even possible--but also very much in love with Black Widow and her badass chair, and enjoying fandom!Cap much more than movie-canon!Cap because the former gives him a lot more depth.  (I have NO background save for the Marvel movie!verse, because I find comics difficult to read and the sheer breadth of comics canon to be overwhelming.)
  • I have a tumblr now.  Look if you like, but it's 98% Science Boyfriends and their actors (incidentally, I do NOT appreciate none of you cluing me into how how hot Mark Ruffalo and RDJ are).
  • I am getting tired of "Lucifrix" but still have not come up with another name that is both available and appealing. 
  • Gone Redditor.  Where my peeps?
  • Politics just make me sad now.  I am disgusted by the toxic climate of modern politics--I have tried to be fair but at this point I do feel certain much of the right's hatred of BHO is motivated by his race--and paralyzed by the sheer volume of information.  I don't know whom I can trust, but keeping up with original sources is terribly difficult.

I am sure I'll have more to say at a later point, but I have no doubt you agree with me that this is enough for now?  I hope this finds you all well (if any of you are still around in the first place).
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I really love the verbal construction of "not [x]" as opposed to "[opposite of X]," as in, for instance, "His concerns are not invalid" as opposed to "His concerns are valid." They mean the same thing on the surface, but the connotation is different(and the former sounds more elegant IMO). I can't explain HOW the connotation differs, but it's very much like porn--I know it when I see it.
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Looking for a good vid to post to Facebook as a "newbie intro to where I was this weekend" (Tribal Forces) I found this:

The song is Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend," which works really well in this context and with this pairing. 'Cause you can totally picture Jack being this whiny and juvenile.
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What I knew: A woman I was friendly with in college, Leslie Stefanson, has been involved with James Spader for several years now. What I didn't know: They have a baby!

I wish I remember if she'd ever mentioned him back then...that'd be pretty funny if she had been a fangirl or something. She might well have been, I don't really remember that sort of thing. It's just weird. Nice for her, clearly, and I'm glad she's happy because she was a very nice person, just...weird.
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Not like I did anything other than crop and resize, but still...

Doctor Who Magazine had a countdown of Doctor Who's saddest deaths (from the whole run, not just Nine and Ten), number one being Astrid Peth's from "Voyage of the Damned," and one of the "Top 20 Tearjerkers" being Bannakaffalatta's death from the same ep. And those both were sad and I ADORED Bannakaffalatta ("Bannakaffalatta--CYBORG!") But I think Foon's death, also from VOTD, was much, much sadder than them both.

You've got this adorable couple who are nuts about one another, and even when they hit a situation that could've been a huge crazy fight Morvin just laughs off the absurdity of it all and hugs Foon and says he loves her. And then they're crossing a rickety bridge to try to escape the Hosts (robot angels who've been programmed to kill everyone on the ship), and a section goes out from under Morvin's foot and he falls into the Nuclear Storm Drive to his death. Foon breaks down and asks, over and over again, "How will I go on without him?" She's so devastated she can barely function, so the Doctor begins crossing the bridge without her--promising that he'll be back--to bring over the Sonic Screwdriver. That's sad enough. And THEN, when the Doctor is on the other side of the bridge, one Host who survived the Hosts vs Passengers beatdown minutes before is still functional and descends to the bridge and is heading toward the Doctor and the others who've already crossed. Then, out of nowhere, Foon runs up behind the Host with a rope, lassos him and says "You're coming with me!" and jumps off the bridge, sacrificing herself to destroy the Host and save the rest of the group.